November 15th, 2009


Nov 2009 Cleanup Report

Wow! We had a great time and managed to do a lot of work while enjoying good company and great food with wonderful weather to boot! How's that?! For once, I timed the get together and cleanup to fit well with everyone's schedule and the weather too. On Thursday the 22 foot dumpster was delivered care of the BLM to Bickel Camp. Thursday night, Mark Aslin drove a visitor to town to get some Trany fluid as his battery had spilled over onto his coolant line and burned a hole in it. As Rex and I waited for them to return it rained enough to make me worried about the weather turning sour and causing everyone to stay home. Thursday night it froze just a bit, down to just 32 degrees until the sun rose. Friday dawned and it was a nice day, a little bit cloudy and a bit of a breeze. Here you see the empty dumpster and a bit of water left...

I had the honor of loading in the first wheelbarrow load on Friday morning...

Dave Dana, Mark Aslin and I commenced to filling the dumpster. As Dave told me,"you're convinced you're going to hurt your back aren't you?" and I told him, "you're working too hard!" as he really was doing a lot. Mark chipped in, and I am proud to say the three of us filled the container 95% with large items needing to be thrown away as you'll see in the following photos. Ed Walheim, and Paul Kolbert from our sponsors Friends of Jawbone Canyon came by on Friday afternoon with Red Rocks State Park Ranger Tom Gunther and we talked a bit about the park's management plan that was just re-funded. Hopefully we'll maintain a reasonable access system for all the users of the beautiful Red Rocks and lower Last Chance Canyon areas. Here's a pic Ed took of us talking:

and more on our Friday efforts:

Friday night was cool so I had a campfire

Saturday came and it really was a beautiful day. Sunny, yet crisp and cool, with no wind. One could not have asked for better weather, and people showed up to get the job done, and here the dumpster was filled! We still had lots to do with moving firewood over for Mark to cut, and demolition of Alex Apostilides' rat invested trailer (still to be completed). To help in fostering a bit of gold fever and spreading the wealth a bit, I told our member's children about the story on the naming of Death Valley from Manly and Rogers' rescue of their fellow travelers in 1849 and then each child received a lesson in gold panning with about 2-3 tenths of gold in a plastic vial of their own. Next we had a wonderful dinner with roast beef and mashed potatoes, salmon, chuck roast, bbq chicken, tossed salads, potato and macaroni salads, sodas and your favorite beverages..whew, it was good! (I'm sure I missed something but I could only open so many containers...! Mark Algazy our resident walking jukebox of extraordinary talent provided excellent music and then.....we had a FLCC meeting with update on the plans for where we should be heading with our organization to formalize preservation of the camp with the BLM. It really was good to hear the positive feedback on the camp's condition from Laura and Lisa and Bill and others who remember the camp well when Walt was still with us. I think we had a consensus on where we should focus our efforts within the organization.

We had several Bickel friends and relatives visit; with Laura Fernsler (a daughter of Walt) her son in law Elmo, notable author Bill Gann, good friends Bill Horn, and archeologist and Bickel friend too, Jan Lawson. FLCC members and volunteers were in good showing too...

Here's Laura and Elmo:

Bill Horn:

Augie and Kyle with lizard:

Kyle, Austin and a friend:

And here's a treasure chest done by generations of pack rats...

Members helping clean things up:

and our meeting...

Thanks to everyone for coming and helping! Next time (yes there's more to throw away) I'll try to hold off for others to share int he fun of filling that's a good feeling to have that trash removed, and thanks goes to Don Storm of the BLM to making this happen.

Seeya soon in the hills folks, take care -