April 27th, 2010

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BLM meeting 4.21

We had a steering committee meeting and the BLM had a presentation of the brother/sister team that does route identification for the BLM. They live in Bishop but travel all over the state, identifying off road routes for the feds - what a job! They have motorcycles and 4wds provided with accurate commercial GPS to mark their location, and laptops to make notes. It old them they do every week what people work all year to do on a weekend! Anyway the routes are marked digitally and then the managers get involved to mark routes open and closed. Hopefully we'll be involved with that in the El Pasos, we'll keep you informed.
The Ridgecrest area is having a solar PV power plant proposal shoved down people's throats, to be blunt. Imagine you wanted to grade 2000 + acres of government land and what you'd have to do to get it approved. The solar millenium project is almost a done deal, with the BLM told by higher ups the determination can't take longer than a year! The vendor's proposal is as thick as the health bill proposal I bet - about 12 -14 inches high. Impossible to read and everything so positive that no adverse impacts to wildlife, native American sites, access to recreationists, etc etc. I've not seen a coherent plan even to mitigate the dust caused by ground disturbance, nevertheless how much water they actually are going to use in operations and how much the water table can afford.
I guess its pretty obvious how I think about this!~
take care folks
I'll be around the camp this weekend sometime