February 26th, 2012

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Coyotes Can Read

Remember the lost cat on highway 14 almost a month ago? (see below) The owner had posted everywhere about the cat, and I received an email yesterday:
Hi charlie! We found her! We found her! Red rock park ranger found her yesterday after 26 days lost! Can you believe it! We are getting her today! We are in bakersfield and will have her in a few hours. Will send you a pic of us asap!

Thank you for your support and your willingness to help me find her! Thank you charlie, will you spread the word?

Thank you and will be sending you a pic soon!
self portrait

camp update 2_26_12

Dropped a new generator off at the camp for Glenn who will be onsite for awhile. Mark Algazy had just left and John Hoag was there too - thanks to those guys for helping to clean the camp too. Here's Glenn stop by and say hi! Glenn is an Iraqi war vet and nice guy - well versed in the outdoors - and a gunsmith too
self portrait


Well Live Journal is not letting me post pictures now! whz up?