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Cleanup pics - 2010

The weather was beautiful for our cleanup day at Bickel Camp. For some reason there were not many people enjoying the canyon over the holiday. We had enough people to fill the dumpster and share music and food and good times though - which are the important things. Here are a few pictures and thanks goes to those who showed up from near and far to make this a special holiday weekend - we really enjoyed it! ps - the Human Jukebox (THJ Mark Algazy gave us tunes to tweet the flute and warble (?) to, and I dusted off the venerable "orange tube" celestron telescope to view 5 moons of Jupiter and the Pleides (probably spelled that wrong oh well) here we go
Dave Flaker from Lake Havasu

Chuck Goodenough and Robert Nye

Rob and Austin Bara

our objective...

John Hoag

Laura Fernsler - oldest surviving daughter of Walt Bickel

yours truly and Mark Algazy

My lovely wife Mary added her expertise with the fixin's....didi I tell you all about the yummy food we had???

here's Austin and Deborah

Dawn and Mark

Tule (blue collar) and Isabel

Dave hamming it up

Chowing down

Walt's machine we didn't get time to move

Cleaned up at Larry O'Neils old spot

Sunday we topped off the dumpster with Dawn's help

...with John and his friend Wayne

and one last trip to the dumpster. Here are Chuck and his son August

the dogs were happy too!

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