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Desert Routes Update

Howdy everyone. If you enjoy traveling in the Mojave Desert, the route designation process needs your involvement. Go to and take the time to zoom into your favorite areas, note the roads you enjoy traveling on, and post your comments to the BLM. We MUST BE INVOLVED in sending favorable feedback on routes to the BLM, and don't be fooled thinking signs that exist now will remain open. Our involvement is critical, use lat/long for routes now unmarked (closed) if you'd like. Make sure to give specific reasons why you enjoy any route, such as sightseeing/photography, rock hounding, mining access, hiking access, tsrget shooting, hunting, etc. Don't be fooled into thinking the road designation that now is there means the route will remain open! Route signs now posted are for inventory purposes only - PLEASE get involved or we'll all lose out because some people with a lot of money will no doubt sue the BLM again over their route designation policy. We only have a short time to get this feedback to the BLM done. We have to hope that judgement criteria for access includes the many diverse activites we enjoy and not just preservation of the environment, so please be specific in your activity description, don't just say you want it all open...this is our last best hope to keep routes open!!!

WEMO addresses: West Mojave Route Network Project, Attn: Charlee Christe, WEMO Routes Project Team, 22835 Calle San Juan de Los Lagos, Moreno Valley CA 92553 or by email to:
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